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Our Lady of Lourdes School was established in 1942 at what was fondly known as "The Little Red School House" where three Sisters of Mercy had the responsibility of teaching elementary subjects.

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Since the school’s modest beginning, it had gradually grown in size and needs by 1953. Rev. Francis J. Dwyer, Pastor, inaugurated a fund-raising campaign and on September 15, 1957 our new school was dedicated. In 1973 the Mercy Sisters were recalled and Our Lady of Lourdes School was staffed with the Little Servant Sisters of the Immaculate Conception who continue to serve as the principal and members of the faculty.

Our Lady of Lourdes School’s mission is to provide an excellent Catholic education to its students. It is deeply committed to creating a superior academic program that challenges the intellectual prowess of every student, and at the same time to impart a Catholic, Christian education that takes its roots from the Gospel of Christ which challenges his/her spiritual being to conform to the moral and religious principles and values contained therein.

Our religious program is intended to make the students’ faith become living, conscious, and active through instruction. It provides opportunities for students’ participation in the liturgy, sacraments, and various Church activities which will help the development of personal sanctity. It is intended to prepare students to understand changes in American society and the Church, and to be able to respond to them in the future with Christian commitment.

Academic achievement, personal and physical growth, and social interaction are viewed as on-going processes. Students are provided with instruction and opportunities to master the fundamental skills of the academic curriculum. A holistic approach to learning encourages integration of skills across the various disciplines with emphasis on critical and creative thinking. Students are afforded learning experiences that lead to meaningful successes which build their self-esteem and thereby create self-motivated learners.

This focus on the development of the whole person seeks to form interiorly motivated students who can respond to contemporary life with hope, compassion and integrity. Ultimately, the students of Our Lady of Lourdes School are encouraged to employ their gifts and education toward building the Kingdom of God here and now.