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It is important for Parents/Guardians to check the student's agenda book each day.  Please sign the agenda book after checking the student's completed homework. Additionally, the homework folder needs to be checked. The Stay Home side of the homework folder needs to be emptied every day. The Bring Back side needs to be read, completed, and returned to school the next day or when it is due.

 Students who are absent from school will be given the same number of days to make up missed work. Sick one day = one day to make up work, absent four days =  four days to make up work, etc. Spelling tests will not need to be made up.

Spelling tests will be given at the end of each week that words are assigned.

Language Arts
All textbook pages are color coded since they all look the same once they are ripped out of the books. The following is the color code:
orange = Spelling
green = Phonics
blue = Grammar
= Reading

Religion tests
Chapter tests will be given at the end of each chapter. Students may take textbooks home each night to review but they MUST return the book each day. Vocabulary tests will be given as well as chapter and unit tests.

Science & Social Studies
The students will receive a test at the end of each chapter. They will also have a vocabulary test at the end of each lesson of the chapter. Text books will be sent home for homework and two nights before a chapter test. Please make sure the textbooks and tablets are returned to school each day.

Any information or topic in tablets/textbooks will be used for quizzes.

To help the student stay current with subjects, parents can review daily papers and have the students correct any mistakes. Please do not send corrected papers back to school.


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