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One day, in 1858, a poor girl named Bernadette lived in France. As Bernadette was gathering firewood, a beautiful Lady appeared in a cave before her. She was clothed in blue and white and there were roses at her feet. The Lady smiled at Bernadette and asked her to say the rosary with her.

Bernadette saw the Lady in the same place eighteen times. During one of the visits, the Lady explained to Bernadette that she doesn't promise to make her happy in this world, but she will be happy in heaven.

Bernadette told the news to some people and then large crowds began to follow her to the same area to say the rosary with her. Although Bernadette could always see the Lady, the others could not.

The Lady requested that Bernadette scrape the earth when suddenly a spring began to flow. This miraculous water cured many visitors.

Bernadette asked the Lady her name and the Lady told her that she is the Immaculate Conception. The Lady said she wanted people to pray for sinners and to build a chapel near the place that she would always appear. Today, this place is the great shrine in France.

When Bernadette was a little older, she became a nun. Her life is described as one of joyful suffering. She died at the age of thirty-six.


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